Frequently Asked Questions

faqWhat is EFTA?

A not-for-profit Association of companies drawn from all sectors of both the national and international freight industry.

What is the purpose of EFTA?

To provide current financial information, and exchange knowledge on topics affecting the industry and credit management in general.

Why was EFTA formed?

To bridge the gap between information available from data-base companies and live developments available from and for the industry.

What sort of companies are Members?

Freight Forwarders, Hauliers, Deep Sea Shippers, Ferry Operators, Rail Freight and Logistics Companies.

Where does EFTA get its information?

From its Members and by kind permission of publications such as The London, Edinburgh & Belfast Gazette.

What does EFTA provide to its Members?

A monthly report about errant debtors, a daily report detailing industry connected companies listed in The London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes, regular bulletins on such matters as credit card scams and alerts on suspected fraudulent trading activity as soon as such matters come to light.

How is the information provided to the Members?

By email and via the secure part of the website.

What else does EFTA do for its Members?

It holds bi-monthly meetings, with optional attendance, both in London and regionally, incorporating best practice credit management workshops.

What topics have been covered in recent best practice workshops?

Third party guarantees, Credit Application Forms, VAT number validations, credit reference agencies, content and implementation of terms and conditions, overseas debt collection, getting the best out of Companies House, reversed credit card payments, late payment interest and debt collection techniques.

Will there be further best practice workshops on topics already covered?

Yes. As and when requests are made by Members.

Does anything else happen at the bi-monthly meetings?

Yes. We have presentations from parties who can potentially help our Members. These have included Credit Insurance companies, freight industry legal experts and overseas debt collection specialists.

What other benefits does EFTA provide?

A network of professionals that provide support and guidance in numerous areas of expertise, a variety of specialist services at reduced rates together with recommended websites and companies that are affiliated with EFTA.Is the Association Data Protection Act compliant?YesIs the Competition Act observed?Absolutely.

What do the Members think of the Association?

Have a look at our testimonials section.

Are there any examples of what EFTA has done for its Members?

Yes. Have a look at our Case Studies section.

What does membership cost?

The cost is only £360 per annum (less than £1 per day).

How do l apply for membership?

Simply go to the registration section of the Association website ( and follow the instructions for completing and submitting the application form.