Functions and Procedures

The Association functions as follows:

  • procedureEach member submits a list of accounts giving concern to the Administrator at least eight days prior to each monthly meeting (full name of company, location, approximate debt, together with a code to indicate the category of the problem).
  • These lists are collated and an alphabetical master list is completed, together with any specific remarks from information supplied. The master list should be received by each member at least two days before the meeting. The master list does not disclose the name of the reporting member. Members would not normally report other Association members since an inherent benefit of being a member of the Association is to be able to resolve any differences "in-house".
  • Reports also include information obtained under licence from Stubbs Gazette (Dun & Bradstreet Limited) relating to issue of Winding Up Petitions, Resolutions and Administrative Receivership appointments. members are encouraged to attend the meetings wherever possible as this can only serve to enhance the degree of feedback and improve the level of discussion.
  • Members unable to attend the meeting may be approached for information relating to their inclusion by the Administrator, to contact the enquiring member for more information (this system ensures confidentiality is safe-guarded).
  • A News Bulletin is dispatched to all members approximately 10 days after a meeting with a resume of information obtained and any updates.